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Shanghai Shun metal products Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Shun metal products Co., Ltd. is a set of stainless steel products, iron products, aluminum products, copper products, stainless steel processing design, manufacture, installation for the integrated enterprise. The company has 4 meters CNC slotting machine, CNC shearing machine, folding machine, CNC punching machine, spheronization machine, CNC wire cutting and other advanced processing machinery. The company's original technology management process and science class, professional production, processing of stainless steel products and metal products manufacturing.
Since its establishment in 1999, Shanghai Shun metal products Co., the company has strong technical strength, advanced processing equipment, scientific management concept innovation, to grasp the strict quality control, improve the production equipment, processing and high degree of automation, high accuracy. The company has become Hushang famous stainless steel processing enterprises with rich experience has been developed, but also by the social from all walks of life in the extensive concern, support and praise. In order to meet the needs of all types of customers, the company has developed a variety of styles, its product at present the company's business can be divided into the following categories:
Industry: stainless steel anti-static turnover vehicle, stainless steel processing, stainless steel products, stainless steel sheet metal processing, stainless steel cabinet, stainless steel box, stainless steel inspection table, stainless steel table, inspection table, trolleys, 304 stainless steel cleaning floor, and so common plate; acid and alkali industrial supplies series: stainless steel cleaning blue, acid and alkali resistance of pipeline 316L, ventilation pipes, electrical box cabinet tank and cleaning equipment series;
Business class: shelves, storage cabinet, shelf, exhibition, advertising light boxes, landscape design, sculpture, propaganda, newspaper column, stainless steel engraving series etc.;
Civil: production of stainless steel kitchen equipment, all kinds of doors and windows, anti-theft network, handrails, awning, stainless steel bed, chair, table.
Decoration categories: metal curtain wall, glass curtain wall, steel frame, and the production of frameless balcony glass doors, door sensors, skirting board, decoration, indoor metal decoration, shower room fabrication and installation.
Processing category: professional CNC bending, furniture accessories series, to undertake external stainless steel wire drawing, shearing, folding, rolling, welding and other processing business;
Kitchen repair business: Shanghai Shun metal products Co., a door-to-door service and other related business technology, repair, installation, commissioning and professional cleaning.
Before metal products Co. fervent hope to get the support of the community, but also look forward to working with you for your cooperation! We will always regard preferential prices, excellent quality, excellent service for the core competitiveness of the company! To provide better service for you!